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Iranian Internet Infrastructure and Policy Report - Jan 2013

Over the past decade, the Telecommunications Company of Iran has asserted control over the content that is accessible to domestic Internet users. Under the auspices of morality of state security, these significant restrictions parallel those imposed by the state on offline media. While popular accounts in the foreign press depict Iran’s filtering regime as a battle waged between the government and the influence of democratisation, 2012 has made all too clear the extent to which censorship applies to the whole of society, from economic affairs and internal factionalism between conservative rivalries to environmental deterioration and ethnic rivalries.

Building a more rich understanding of this milieu is critical, because it paves the way for a fuller understanding of why opposition to the current administration of the Internet transcends circles of activism. To this end, Small Media is launching the "Iranian Internet Infrastructure and Policy Report", a monthly report that aims to provide a rounded perspective on the state of Internet control in Iran. You can download the report from here
This report is the product of collaboration between talented researchers from diverse backgrounds. We attempt to balance being accessible to a non-technical or non-Iran-oriented audience with our desire to ensure that the specific details of important events are thoroughly accounted for. 
We believe that we can prepare for the future only when we have understood the past.